The shield symbolizes the university as one entity that derives strength from unity of effort and togetherness to support its vision.


The open book on a rest represents knowledge revealed to man by God and a source of intellect and belief. It also represents an insatiable spirit of inquiry, inquisitiveness of mind and analytical ability.

Nib of Pen

The nib of the pen stand for perfection in seeking knowledge and translation of acquired knowledge into writing. The nib pointed upwards indicates unlimited quest for knowledge.

Rafflesia Flower

The rafflesia flower stands for the uniqueness of Sabah “The Land below the Wind”.

The Sphere

The spherical shapre indicates the earth and the galaxy in which it exists; and it symbolizes the vast frontier of knowledge that surrounds it and that is contained within the world in which we live.

Waves of Circles

The waves of circles represent the waves where UMSLIC is the Beach Campus.


The Yellow

The yellow colour represents a campus environment of UMS that is always pleasant, fresh, active and radiates light.

The Red

The red colour represents strength, will power to face challenges and express the value and attitudes from the core of the heart to succeed and excel.