Co-curricular and Student Development Center(PKPP) was established on 1stJune 2002 and also operates in UMSLabuan International Campus. PKPP Policy and Philosophyis to produce students who are balanced in terms of intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical, develop physical endurance,mental andstudents spiritual,generate creative thinking,innovative, productive and proactive and to instill confidence and determination to face challenges.Co-curricular and Students Development Centre is to providethe best service inthe implementation ofco-curricular learning and teaching which is the core course of the University, as well as to develop soft skills potential among students through learning activities and student development.

Co-curricular programmes are offered in various fields that are relevant tosocietal demands and needs in thepresent working sector. Each student must take one ofUMS co-curricular courses offered as part of the graduation requirements, and achieving a gradein this course is included in the calculation ofCGPA.Students admission into the university with merit of 2.4 and below, shouldand must takeone of the uniform-based course whether PALAPES , SUKSIS(UMS main campusonly)orUMS-SiswaJatidiri (UMS-TRUE) as approved by the Senateof Universiti MalaysiaSabah meeting of theSenate Bill5/2008(68th).

Curricular courses are assessed by three(3)credit hours per semester except for PALAPES(Land &Air)and SUKSIS which only assessed by one hour credit for each semester for the duration of six semesters. For students who take the course of UMS–Student Jatidiri (UMS-TRUE) will be assessed by one credit hour per semester for the duration of three semesters. Students who are successfully completed the course in PALAPES, SUKSIS and UMSTRUE will be commissioned in accordance with their respective teams.

Theoretical lectures and co-curricular practical courses are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays with a total of3hourscontactper week or meeting, or according to the requirement in the registered courses. Learning orientationof the course is30% on theoryandphilosophy, and70% practical/practical/ studio. Students are also required to participate in leadership and community activities known as SiswaPrihatin UMS (UMS-SPRINT), a program which is to develop the soft skills potential, particularly in terms of social interaction and community, as well as team-working and leadership values. For students who attend sports and cultural components, the Co-curricular Carnival gives students the opportunity to show case their talent and potential to be pushed to a higher level by the Unit /Department and relevant University Center in UMS. The co-curricular programme trainers are selected and among the top performers in their respective fields. Students will be guided, both professionally and systematically in order to achieve maximum course output.

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