Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI) was established in 1st June 2014 through the merging of computer science and Information Technology programmes from two schools: Labuan School of Informatics Science (LSIS) and School of Engineering and Information Technology. Due to the merger, FCI has two campuses: one in Kota Kinabalu and another in Labuan. Prior to the formation of FCI, Universiti Malaysia Sabah has been awarded with MSC-status and this visualize the potential of UMS to produce quality graduates.

The faculty has invested more than RM10 million in facilities and equipments to support our teaching and research. This has enabled our students to put theoretical concepts in practice through various technology facilities. The knowledge gained from our research activities channeled directly into our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. We ensure our curriculum takes into consideration of new technologies, industry trends and methods.

Contact FCI

Level 5, Tower Building, UMS Labuan International Campus, Jalan Sungai Pagar, Labuan F. T.
Tel: 087 - 460445
Fax: 087 - 465155