Labuan Faculty of International Finance (LFIF) started its operation in May 1999 with an intake of 356 students. LFIF has 5 programs in the fields of International Finance, International and Offshore Banking, International Marketing, International Financial Economics and Islamic Finance. LFIF strives to become a centre for higher educational learning with global perspectives, which reflects Labuan as an International Financial Centre. It is expected that in 10 years time, 20% of the students comes from oversea. LFIF intends to produce educated human resource in the field of international business and finance management equipped with information and multimedia technology so as to fulfill the requirement of workforce which has competitive ability in international arena.

Level 3, Tower Building, UMS Labuan International Campus, Jalan Sungai Pagar, Labuan F. T.
Tel: 087 - 598128 / 460486  
Fax: 087 - 460477
IP Phone: 614306 (Office) / 614304 (Counter)