Management Function

  1. Manage, supervise and monitor the implementation of development process and maintenance of all facilities and infrastructure in UMSLIC.
  2.  Manage process and monitor the application process and the implementation of any activities of the conference / official function for all parts of the UMSLIC.
  3. Manage, supervise and monitor all assets, inventory and utilities which are under the supervision of University Development & Maintenance UMSLIC.

Development functions (Physical)

  1. Conduct planning, integrated supervision in accordance with the needs of customers and recent developments in UMSLIC.

Fungsi Penyelenggaraan

  1. Monitor from time to time all the infrastructure in UMSLIC to stay in a safe, comfortable, clean and free from damage that can be dangerous and affect customers' needs and UMSLIC image.
  2. Monitor from time to time, all assets and inventory are in perfect and good condition.



  1. Coordinate tasks those involve the administration section.
  2. Coordinate, prepare and handle all correspondence and records of the administration (in and out), such as letters, memos, notices and so forth.
  3. Manage all travel and movement of files and file system open / classified section.
  4. Conduct and manage leave records and attendance reports of employees on duty.
  5. Manage matters related to staffs and personallia, career development and training for the staff.
  6. Manage bookings for official activities such as airfare, accommodation, space / meeting rooms booking and food and drink.
  7. Secretariat for all general meetings, including assistance in handling the preparation and the preparation of meeting materials.
  8. Manage and control the procurement and payment claims of suppliers / contractors to comply with / follow financial procedures / University.
  9. Plan, prepare and control the needs and supply of the office equipment / materials.
  10. Manage (secretariat) and monitor of all assets and inventory records for each unit in the division.
  1. Assist and provide counter service to all customers such as students, contractors and the public / external parties.
  2. Coordinate, record, examine and respond to customer complaints.
  3. Ensure that all regulations, customer charter and department/division quality objective implemented and adhered to.
  4. Manage and monitor all information pertaining to the customer needs and make improvements for activities related to customer service.
  1. Manage the work of mechanical systems maintenance management of buildings and infrastructure such as planning, monitoring and restoration
  2. Monitor the buildings&infra mechanical system
  3. Monitor the implementation of the work of building and infra Mechanical systems are made by the Contractor Operation appointed by the university.
  4. Make periodic checks on the buildings & infra mechanical system.
  5. Enforce laws /acts pertaining to the mechanical system such as fire fighting systems, lifts, air conditioner, plumbing and sewage system.
  6. Implement quotation based minor mechanical restoration works.
  7. Register, check and suggest the disposal of Assets (Assets Capital& Inventory) for the buildings & infra mechanical system.
  1. Manage the Electrical system maintenance management works of buildings and  infra such as planning, monitoring and implementation of restoration
  2. Monitor the buildings and infra Electrical system.
  3. Monitor the maintenance works for buildings & infra Electrical system done by the Maintenance Contractor appointed by the university.
  4. Make periodic checks on buildings & infra Electrical system.
  5. Enforce laws / acts related to electrical system such as substation, Distribution Board (DB) and Electrical Installation.
  6. Implement quotation based minor electrical restoration works.
  7. Register, examine and recommend the disposal of Assets (Capital Assets & Inventory) for the building & infra electrical system.
  1. Manage the works of vehicle maintenance; planning and implementing vehicle maintenance work in progress.
  2. Monitor the implementation of the regulations refer to Treasury Circular No. 2 of 1988
  3. Check university vehicles periodically
  4. Conduct periodic inspections of university vehicles
  5. Register, examine and recommend the disposal of Assets (Capital Assets & Inventory) for university vehicles.
  1. Receive online activities of students and university official ceremonies for the provision of space, lights, fans, air conditioners and appliances.
  2. Manage the installation of equipment such as tents and other equipments to enable the student activities and official functions run smoothly according to tentative.
  3. Ensure that the equipment used enough and functioning well.
  4. Manage the registration, periodic inspections and recommend disposition of assets involving event management.
  5. Monitor the preparation of student activities and official functions to ensure that the equipment provided to meet customers' needs.
  6. Record the university assets lending register used for student activities and official university functions.
  1. Monitor utility usage amongs university resident via uitility bills monitoring (Water, Electric and Telelephone Bills)
  2. Ensure information or bills verified by the customers especially the telephone bills
  3. Conduct a detailed analysis on utility usage based on bills and proposed themanagement for the acquisition and enforcement action
  4. Ensure that records are made ​​to enable utilities used can be controlled according to needs
  5. Propose a saving plan to the administrative by managing the conversion to more cost-effective equipment.
  1. Manage the buildings & infra maintenance works management such as planning, monitoring and implementation of restoration
  2. Monitor the condition of buildings and infra.
  3. Examine of the reported complaint and provide the required documents for the repairs.
  4. Monitor the repairs & maintenance of building & infrastructure made ​​by theMaintenance Contractor appointed by the University.
  5. Conduct periodic inspections on the buildings & infra.
  6. Enforce the law / act associated with buildings such as the Law of the Uniform Building 1984.
  7. Implement minor works  on building restoration through quotation
  8. Register, examine and recommend disposal of Assets (Capital Assets & Inventory) for buildings and infrastructure.
  9. Monitor maintenance contracts / ongoing projects are being carried out.
  10. Provide a progress report on contactor’s work for the ongoing project until the end.
  11. Prepare documents for procurement, such as authentication scopeof work.


  1. Monitor / supervise / inspect the services carried out by the Maintenance Contractor appointed by the University.
  2. Make periodic inspections throughout the campus to the services according to zones based on existing contracts.
  3. Inspect contractor claims and monthly reports to be submitted to the procurement unit.
  4. Administer the monthly contract meeting.
  5. Register, examine and recommend write-off Assets (Capital Assets & Inventory) for service contract.
  6. Manage requirements (phone line / furniture, etc.) for Schools / Divisions where there is transfer of room / office on the campus.
  7. Manage requirements home placement (Semi-Detached, Bungalow, etc.) /office space / staff & student learning space.
  8. Provide documents (scope of work / rates / drawings) for new applications such as upgrading of works / renovation that will be brought to the Executive Meeting.
  9. Prepare reports and monitor upgrading works contracts / renovation currently in progress until the end.Register, examine and recommend the disposal of assets (Capital Assets & Inventory) for the building.
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