Regulate the computer and network needs.

STMK is responsible for providing all the needs of computer and media equipmentrequired by all divisions. Apart from ensuring that the needs of staff and students are met, STMK will also ensure user Internet access is fulfilled.

Regulate the needs of teaching aids.

The main requirement for STMK user especially lecturers are teaching aids (ABM).Usually teaching aids (ABM) is needed during lectures. Among theteaching aids (ABM) under STMK supervision are LCD Projector and Visual Presenter.

Supervise and maintain all computer labs.

There are 10 laboratories in UMSLICwhereall of these labs are operated and maintained by STMK. The total numbers of computers available in 10 laboratories are 484 units of various operating systems.

Store and record all computer equipment and media.

To ensure that equipments under the control and supervision of STMK are in place and easy to maintain, all records and inventories are also provided by STMK. Usuallyall the records and inventory of equipment will be reviewed by the Finance Divisionto ensure that the storage systems for university equipments are managed systematically.

Ensure the needs of users in information technology are met.

In realizing the goals of the university to provide all the facilities associated with knowledge to lecturers and students, STMK is fully responsible in ensuring that all requirements associated with the network run smoothly.


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