General Administration, Customer Service and Alumni Functions Section

  • Arrange, plan, monitor and implement the department administration and financial system in matters related to:
    • Departmental File System and Record
    • Departmental Financial Management
    • Welfare and Staff Affairs
    • Departmental Inventories   
    • Departmental Secretariat Meetings -
    • Circulars and directive letters
  • Administer all matters related to Student Affairs and Alumni Section including the implementation of 5’s.
  • Manage matters related with leave record, staff accommodation and transportation management.
  • Manage and deliver Departmental letters.

This Section operates through several units as follows:

  • Alumni and General Administration Unit
  • Financial Departmental Unit
  • Alumni and Customer Service Unit

Functions of Personality Development Section

  • Manage integrated activities and students affair program and develop leadership skills within students.
  • Provide and organize trainings and leadership courses that can guide students in upgrading leadership qualities within each student.
  • Coordinate, supervise, move, mould, check and provide guideline related to student clubs’ activities paper work application, financial application and the implementation of student bodies activities in coordination with the given aspiration and procedures.
  • Act as the Secretariat of the Student Representative Election Council and Orientation Week
  • Manage association and new clubs registration and activities related to arts and culture.
  • Manage entrepreneurship activities involving students.

Functions of Services and Walfare Section

  • Maintain student information record system and update students’ files from time to time.
  • Enforce discipline and disciplinary matters related to students dress code in line with regulation enforced in accordance with the rules of UMS (Discipline of Students 1999).
  • Coordinate management matters and managing transportation services.
  • Coordinate and manage matters related to students’ health and medical by providing facilities to students.
  • Manage and monitor cafeteria management prepared for students..

Functions of Counseling and Career Guidance Section

  • Provide counseling services both individual and group to students. Among the components given are academic psycho social, financial and career counseling.
  • Plan and coordinate programmes for students’ development and progress namely courses, talks, workshops and counseling seminar.
  • Plan and coordinate training/education program and self-development including community services.
  • Manage and coordinate matters pertaining to scholarships, sponsorships and education loans for students in need.
  • Coordinate international students’ needs related to accommodation and visa application.

Housing and Residential College Section

  • Alpha Residential College
  • Beta Residential College
  • Mutiara Resendential College
  • Semi D Houses

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