1. Manage general administration and staff of the Director’s Office.
  2. Manage, monitor dan control the campus financial provision
  3. Manage and coordinate meetings, discussion and meetings with students, staffs and the Campus Director’s special guest.
  4. Manage and coordinate the special tasks of Campus Director.
  5. Manage, monitor, coordinate and control major sections located in Labuan International Campus namely:-
    • Director's Office
    • Division of Administration
    • Division of Finance
    • Division of Academic Services
    • Division of Student Affairs
    • Division of Library
    • Division of Development and Maintenance
    • Division of Information Technology and Communication
    • Division of Islamic Affairs and Mosque Management
    • Division of Security
    • Division of Sport and Recreation
    • Citizens Medical Centre
    • Faculty
      • Labuan Faculty of International Finance
      • Faculty of Computing and Informatics
    • Centres
      • Centre for the Promotion of Knowledge and Language
      • Centre for Co-curriculum and Student Development
Level 13, Tower Building, UMS Labuan International Campus, Jalan Sungai Pagar, Labuan F. T.
Tel: 087 - 460473 / 466780
Fax: 087 - 460474
IP Phone: 614800