• Responsible for all matters related to general management in UMSLIC;
  • Responsible in managing all matters concerning human resources in UMSLIC including training, welfare and safety of staff;
  • Responsible to ensure governance matters and university’s policies are practiced and cultured in UMSLIC;
  • Responsible for preparation, implementation and monitoring for all matters pertaining with guest management, visitors, functions and visitation in UMSLIC;
  • Responsible towards the management of budget and acquisition at UMSLIC level;
  • Responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all services offered by UMSLIC based on customers’ needs;
  • Responsible for assisting the Campus Director to plan, determine, implement and evaluate the benchmarks prepared based on KPI and strategic planning towards all academic activities for J/P/S/I/U in UMSLIC;
  • Responsible to plan, implement, improve all services offered by UMSLIC in order for it to be appropriate with the needs and requirements of the customer whether directly or indirectly; and
  • Responsible to act as the secretariat in every management meeting under the Director’s Office and Management sector in UMSLIC
Level 12, Tower Building, UMS Labuan International Campus, Jalan Sungai Pagar, Labuan F. T.
Tel: 087 - 460465 / 466735 / 466917 / 466785
Fax: 087 - 465248
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