1. Providing a complete reading materials and information sources and suitable with requirements

1.1 Procurement and Processing

Activities :

  • Book procurement and multimedia material
  • Material payment
  • Processing of material (Aksesyen, barcode, slip, security strip and cap)
  • Materials claim

1.2 Procurement of Serial Publication

Activities :

  • Subscription of periodically materials and databases from within or outside of the country
  • Payment of periodically published materials and databases
  • Acceptance of materials
  • Materials claim
  • Binding of journals

1.3 Cataloging and Indexing

Activities :

  • Cataloging and indexing material
  • Material completion process and verification

1.4 Gifts, Exchanges and Achieves

Activities :

  • Procurement of materials and exchange of gifts
  • Procurement of UMS archive materials
  • Proceeds of gifts and archive materials

1.5 Conservation and Preservation

Activities :

  • Binding material (books)
  • Repair damaged materials

2.Providing information as well as quality, efficient, and effective services in line with the needs of consumers

2.1 Circulation Services

2.1.1 Circulation

Activities :

  • Manage loans, returns, renewal and online materials.

2.1.2 Collection Management

Activities :

  • Manage the compilation of materials
  • Conduct an exhibition of new material
  • Manage the receipt of material that has been cataloged and indexed
  • Administer collection of material for the red sign collection section
  • Manage the damaged materials for repairs
  • Prepare service reports
  • Update and list out the materials for disposal
  • Manage reprography for additional copies

2.2 Serial Publication Services

2.2.1 Circulation Serials

Activities :

  • Conduct serial publications services
  • Compile collection of serial publications
  • Administer computer services

2.2.2 Collection Management

Activities :

  • Accept serial publications materials
  • Scan the content of academic journals
  • Manage the collection of materials for binding
  • Processing of recent newspaper materials

2.3 Reference and Information Services

2.3.1 Handling of reference and information

Activities :

  • Handling of Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Handling of information questionnaire (SSM)
  • Managing of simple reference questions (SRM)

2.3.2 Operation of guidance class and training (GCT)

Activities :

  • Manage application for GCT
  • Training of searching through the sources of information (electronic database)
  • Training of searching through the library information system
  • Training of building literature review

2.3.3 Management of reference collection

Activities :

  • Special Loans (Reference Material)
  • Selection of references needed to be removed

2.4 Multimedia Services and ICT

2.4.1 Multimedia Circulation

Activities :

  • Manage the loan and return of multimedia materials
  • Manage the usage of service rooms

2.4.2 Management of Collections

Activities :

  • Conservation of multimedia materials

2.5 Customer Services

2.5.1 Customer service

Activities :

  • Manage visit application
  • Administer disciplinary action towards library user
  • Manage block/unblock status for problem users
  • Manage the application for database username and password
  • Oversee application for outside use of library facilities
  • Manage repairs for damaged materials

2.5.2 Membership

Activities :

Non UMS Library Members

  • Manage the memberships application for outside members
  • Cancellation of outside memberships
  • Updating of outside memberships

UMS Library Members

  • Cancellation and updating of UMS membership

2.5.3 Inter-Library Loan Service (PAP) and Document Delivery Services (PPD)

Activities :

Inter-Library Loan Service

  • UMS Library as the Applicant Library (PAP)
  • Outer UMS Library as the Applicant Library (PA)
  • UMS Library as the Supplier Library (PAP)
  • Return of the PAP, UMS Library as the Supplier Library (PAP)

Document Delivery Services (PPD)

  • UMS Library as the applicant (PPD)
  • UMS Library as a supplier (PPD)
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