LABUAN: Acting Treasurer of Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), Zalifah Shadan held a gathering with EXCOs of the Student Representative Council (MPP) UMS Labuan International Campus (UMSKAL), last Wednesday afternoon.  She was accompanied by the Senior Deputy Treasurer, Saimah Ismail, said the programme was held to personally listen to the issues faced by students through the MPP’s EXCOs.

Zalifah hope that dialogue session could unravel any dilemma faced by students, especially those related to financial and tuition fees. Also discussed was the entrepreneurship programme to encourage students to generate income to cover expenses and the cost of organizing planned activities. However, Zalifah reminded students not to neglect paying their tuition fees to avoid any complication during their studies in UMS.

"Students must pay tuition fees before the course registration to avoid related problems," she said in the Finance Division Meeting Room, Level 4, Tower Building.

Zalifah said the event was also held to foster the already good relations between the Treasury Department officials and the four MPP EXCOs. Also participating in the dialogue were the Head of Finance UMSKAL, Mohd Nazir Ab Manan, Head of the Division of Student Affairs, Mas Adi Alimin and MPP Vice President, Amos Peter.