LABUAN: The blood donation campaign organized by the Secretariat of the Anti-Corruption Universiti Malaysia Sabah (SPRUMS) Labuan Branch has received an overwhelming response from the staff and students of the University Malaysia Sabah, Labuan International Campus (UMSKAL), recently.

The programme targeted at the men and women of UMSKAL, aimed to improve the number of blood donors in the Federal Territory of Labuan as well as to affirm the advantages of donating blood on ones’ health.

Coordinator of the programme, Roji Sinun said the objective of this campaign is not only to help the hospital in increasing the blood supply but also to promote values ​​of integrity and compassion within those who came to help those in need, together. He also said that such campaign would produce students who are active not only in their academic but in all other aspects, as in this case, their heart and compassion.

Approximately 134 people came forward to donate blood, including the organising committee members of SPRUMS campaign organized in collaboration with Labuan Hospital. SPRUMS targeted the youth due to the fact that they are the most active and would have significant influence with their peers and compelling them to also donate blood.

The Programme Director, Syahidah Mahmud thanked all donors for their contribution in increasing the blood supply at the Labuan Hospital. The campaign, which ran from 9 am to 3 pm, held in the Sri Menanti Room, UMSKAL Tower was handled by the Blood Bank Unit, Labuan Nucleus Hospital; headed by Blood Donation Campaign Coordinator, Raiman Lubugan and the Blood Bank Unit staffs.