The UMS library is the center of information to support learning, teaching dan research in UMS. It is in line with the objectives of the library which is “To support and help in teaching, learning and research process in various fields through the provision of quality information services and reference materials completely and effectively in line with the mission of Universiti Malaysia Sabah.The location is at the Building Support area of ​​2.184 square meters which can accommodate up to 250 users in one time. There are 2000 students using the library. By August 2015, there are about 77,945 reading materials can be found in UMS-LIC.

LIC Library uses Library System Notices (SMP / webOPAC) computerized controlled using the VIRTUA system which could be accessed through the library webpage. It is shared together with the UMS Main Library that allows the search of materials, borrowings, renewal and return of books made ​​ "online".

The UMS Libraries also subscribe to 29 titles of electronic database. Among them are Emerald, ProQuest, Ovid, Academic Search Premier, Business Search Premier, Science Direct and others. These databases can be accessed through the library website at the URL:

Besides that, UMS library also has subscribed a total of 1,735 electronic books or e-books from Kluwer and Netlibrary. These collections can be accessed via the following webpage:

The electronic journal can be accessed through the library webpage at

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